Professional Malpractice

Williams & Schoenberger Co., L.L.C. has built a strong practice defending insurance agents and lawyers in actions for professional malpractice.  We have successfully defended insurance agents and agencies all across the state on claims of negligent failure to procure requested coverage, negligent misrepresentation and intentional misrepresentation.

We aggressively review with the agent all communications and documentations to make an early evaluation of the validity of claims and even assist agents in modifying procedure to prevent future claims.

Expert testimony can be important when defending a malpractice action against an insurance agency and we have relationships with various experts to evaluate claims and provide expert testimony and reports when needed.

Williams & Schoenberger Co., L.L.C. also defends other attorneys in the event an attorney or firm finds themselves accused of legal malpractice.  We recognize that a malpractice claim can not only be a cause of great stress for the professional, but can also damage a professional’s business reputation.  With that in mind, our attorneys aggressively seek a favorable resolution for our clients so they can get back to business.