Liquor Liability

As part of our insurance defense practice, our attorneys defend claims against bars, restaurants and other establishments that serve alcohol. Our attorneys are experienced in handling a variety of claims made pursuant to the Ohio Dram Shop Act, including serving alcohol to noticeably intoxicated persons, to minors or after 2:30 a.m.

Due to our experience in the litigation process, many clients retain our services once they discover the possibility that a claim may be made. We place a premium on early investigation, including interviews of all employees, patrons and management.

We identify an establishment’s protocol and procedures early in the process and determine whether the same were followed. We have existing relationships with toxicologists and understand that early identification and retention of the proper expert is many times critical to the defense of these claims.

At Williams & Schoenberger Co., L.L.C., we take a proactive approach in an effort to quickly gather sufficient facts to obtain summary judgment or evaluate the case for early settlement.