Advisory/Coverage Opinions

Laws and society are in a state of constant reinvention, coverage questions arise even under time-tested policy language.  What once appeared certain, clear, and unambiguous may, in a changing social or legal atmosphere, require a new and different analysis.

At Williams & Schoenberger Co., L.L.C., we understand that coverage issues ripen not only under the unique facts of a particular loss, but at the growing edges of law, technology, industry, and the social order.

Meticulous study of policy language; thorough and discriminating research of applicable statutory, regulatory, administrative, and common law; and creative, conscientious thought are central to our work in providing clients advisory coverage opinions.  We dedicate our resources to careful scrutiny, resourceful deliberation, and precise writing, producing a straightforward, accessible opinion counseling you on all of the issues raised by your coverage inquiry.

In addition, where pertinent facts and applicable law reasonably justify a denial of coverage, we prosecute and defend declaratory judgment actions seeking a judicial determination of coverage.  Our experience in this area of the law also includes the judicious handling of insurance fraud, breach of contract, bad faith, and discovery/privilege disputes.

Whether your coverage question arises from unique facts, new policy language, a change in applicable law, or a good faith basis for seeking such a change, we commit to providing you clear, informative guidance through a process with intellectual integrity.